Volunteer with K9COLA

Do you love dogs? Want to help support off-leash dog parks or help run a dog-related event? K9COLA relies on volunteers to support our goal of creating a healthier, happier, and safer dog community. We welcome volunteer involvement all year long.

Here’s a list of ways we think you can get involved with our group. But this list is limited only by your imagination – we’d love for you to be creative about how you can help. Join in the fun and get involved with K9COLA. Your dog will love you for it!

Join a Committee

K9COLA has five committees: Social Media, Fundraising, Dog Park Site, Volunteer and K9Splash! These committees help share the workload of K9COLA and we are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas. These committees are a great way to get your paws wet.

Please contact the following people for each committee:

Join the Board of Directors

Get involved on the Board of Directors — run for an office! Filling our board positions is very important for keeping our organization alive and well. The open positions have a variety of responsibilities and carry a two year term. Requirements of all board members include attending a monthly board meeting and attendance at major K9COLA events is encouraged.  Board elections are held every year in November. Board positions include:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chair
  • Cheyenne Off-Leash Coordinator
  • K9 Acres Off-Leash Coordinator
  • Public Engagement Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • At-Large

Review the job description(s) for each volunteer position.

Contact Kelly@K9COLA.org about opportunities and plan to attend our annual election board meeting.

Join the Park Maintenance Group

The Park Maintenance Group helps with park maintenance by emptying the trash cans. Email Kelly@K9COLA.org to help out with this simple but necessary job or sign up at the links below.

Volunteer for trash pick-up using SignUp.com

Volunteer at Cheyenne Park or K9 Acres
Or, contact Juan@K9COLA.org  or Kelly@K9COLA.org for more information.

Become a Park Monitor

Are you passionate about dog parks?  Do you like to talk to people and answer questions? We are currently looking for a few people to help monitor the entrance gates at the off-leash parks, check for permits, and answer questions.

Park Monitor Sign up
For more information, please contact:

  • Kelly, General questions
  • Bob, K9 Acres Park
  • Juan, Cheyenne Park

Join in Special Events

Take part in special events such as marching with your dog in parades or helping at a biscuit hunt.  See Dog Friendly Activities to learn more or contact Kelly@K9COLA.org to get involved. These events are usually more fun than work, so check ‘em out!

Represent K9COLA

Help out at events held at stores, off-leash parks, farmers markets, and other local events. We need volunteers to:

Check out our Dog Friendly Activities or contact Kelly@K9COLA.org to get involved.

Raise Funds and Donations

Help fundraise and acquire donations from local stores and companies for general use, or for K9Splash! For more information about upcoming events needing fundraising dollars or donations, contact Info@K9COLA.org.

Get Your Service Group Involved

Are you part of a group looking for volunteer opportunities? If your service organization is interested in helping K9COLA initiatives, contact  Kelly@K9COLA.org. Volunteer opportunities include the following:

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Trash pick-up inside the park for bags and trash that have blown into the fence lines and vegetation
  • Poop pick-up
  • Hole filling
  • Poop can empty

Quarterly Opportunities

  • Trash pick-up in lane from River Road to Cheyenne Park entrance

Annual Opportunities

  • Waterproof benches
  • Chop thistles in wild area
  • Clear fence line of tree seedlings
  • Grass seeding of select areas – Spring
  • Tree planting – Spring or Fall

Special Project Opportunities

Larger projects at the dog parks are also welcome. Contact Kelly@K9COLA.org to coordinate. We’d love your involvement and we know the park goers (both with four and two legs!) would really appreciate your enhancements.

  • Landscaping around signs in the parking lot area of each site, including weed barrier for ease of mowing
  • Plan and execute bird and bat house and habitat project
  • Build a shed
  • Install trail markers stating distance walked


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