Recall Tests

What is Recall Testing?

Recall testing is an activity we perform with dogs and dog owners to help test a dog's ability to come when called. We intentionally distract your dog and then watch to see if they respond to their owner's call.

What is the Benefit of Recall Testing?

The number one reason for recall testing is safety. When your dog is off-leash, it's important that you have the ability to recall them when you need to. For example, if an unpleasant incident occurs in the dog park, owners having a responsive dogs will limit the number of dogs involved in the incident and reduct the "energy level" around the heightened activity. Also, enjoy a $5 discount off your dog's park permit fee each year for the life of the dog after they pass!

What to Expect With the Test

On testing day, check in and provide your name and your dog’s name. At larger events where we perform recall testing, the volunteer will give you a number and let you know how far down you are on the list. Your dog can go play in the yard and when the tester calls your number, let them know your name and describe which dog is yours. If your dog does not stray too far from your side, don't worry! We're patient and will help make sure your dog is sufficiently distracted to perform the recall test.

During the Test

When the volunteer sees the dog is sufficiently distracted, they will instruct you to call your dog. Unlike a Canine Good Citizen Test or Obedience Trial, you're allowed to call your dog multiple times if needed. Although people can practice this skill by rewarding the dog with treats or toys, you're not allowed to use any on test day. If your dog comes, you pass!

How to Sign Up for Recall Testing

We offer testing at our events or you can contact us at to arrange a time to perform the testing or check back for the next Recall Testing date.


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