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  Recall Testing is offered regularly by K9COLA.
  • Sat, June 24th 9:30 - 11 am is our next recall test

We appreciate RSVPs (sign ups) for any of these testing sessions but they are not required. Please email dave@k9cola.org to sign up. 

What is Recall Testing?
Could your dog pass? The basic idea behind recall testing is that your dog will come when called. Why do we do it? Safety. If an unpleasant incident the dog park, owners calling their dogs limits the number of dogs involved in the incident and its "energy level."

On testing day you will need to check in at the table in the main yard. Tell them your name and your dogs name. The volunteer will give you a number let you know how far down you are on the list. When the tester calls your number, let him know who you are and describe which dog is yours. When he sees the dog is sufficiently distracted he will instruct you to call your dog. If your dog comes you pass.

Unlike with a Canine Good Citizen Test or Obedience Trial, you are allowed to call your dog multiple times (if needed). Although people can practice this skill by rewarding the dog with treats/toys, you aren't allowed to use any on the day of the test. This test takes place off-leash in the main yard.

Worried that your dog won't get far enough away to pass? No need to worry, we havevolunteers that can help lead your dog away from your side so that you may call him or her back to you. Still have questions about the test or how it works? Email info@k9cola.org

If you have an event you'd like us to post on this page, please send email to  info@k9cola.org .