The weekend goes to the dogs in August at Bever Park Pool for K9Splash! K9Splash! is K9COLA's largest and most popular fundraiser of the year! Each August we welcome 600 dogs and 1500 people to Bever Park Pool in Cedar Rapids. Dogs enjoy playing, fetching and swimming to their hearts' content over the course of the two days. People enjoy seeing how happy their dogs are playing and exercising.

When and Where

Our event occurs yearly in August, the same weekend that Bever Pool closes.
This year, K9Splash will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 10th and 11th.
Bever Park Pool
2700 Bever Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403


Pre-registration is available until August 7th at 5pm for $10/dog/day via our online registration, or in person. Regular Admission is $15/dog/day or $10/dog/day when attending both days! (Cash/Checks/Credit Cards Accepted)

Information and Forms



K9 Splash! is our biggest fundraiser of the year and a variety of volunteer opportunities are available

Please Support Our Event

Email us at info@K9COLA.org if you would like more information on sponsoring or soliciting sponsors for this event.

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