K9COLA Contact


If you have questions about K9COLA or about the Cheyenne or K9Acres Off-Leash Areas, please contact us at:

P.O. Box 992
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0992

Or, come to a meeting!

Cheyenne Park is located at 1500 Cedar Bend Lane, Ely, IA 52227; K9 Acres is located at 200 Golf Course Rd, Marion, IA 52302. See maps of the parks.

If you'd like to reach a K9COLA Board Member, they are:

Chairman - Dave Paris (dave@k9cola.org)
Vice-Chair - Marie Appel (marie@k9cola.org)
Secretary - Juan Arredondo (juan@k9cola.org)
Treasurer - Jill Rowe (jill@k9cola.org)
Site Coordinator (Cheyenne) - Jerry (jerry@k9cola.org)
Site Coordinator (K9 Acres) - Ken Ennis (ken@k9cola.org)
Site Coordinator (Beverly Gardens) - To be filled when needed
Site Coordinator (Time Check) - To be filled when needed
Volunteer Coordinator - Kelly Ennis(kelly@k9cola.org)
Public Education/Social Media Coordinator- Juan Arredondo (juan@k9cola.org)
Fundraising Coordinator - vacant
At-Large -  Shannon Day (
At-Large - Glenda Fillenworth (glenda@k9cola.org)

Support Positions:

eNewsletter Editor - Kelly Ennis (newsletter@k9cola.org)
Webmaster - Marie Appel (marie@k9cola.org)
Facebook Page Administrators - Marie Appel (marie@k9cola.org)and Juan Arredondo   (juan@k9cola.org)

If you have comments about the Web site, or activities or events you'd like posted, or if you have photos of activities at the parks for these pages, please email them to marie@k9cola.org.