About K9COLA


K9COLA (K9 Citizens for Off-Leash Areas) is a volunteer group that supports the development of off-leash areas (OLAs) in the Cedar Rapids area. We provide the community with educational information about OLAs, raise money for park development projects, and support ongoing park maintenance. Please check out our mission statement and values from our By-Laws.

Here are the position descriptions for the K9COLA Board. Please email Marie at marie@k9cola.org if you might be interested in a Board position. View our Board Goals.

Tax-deductible donations to K9COLA help pay for an electronic newsletter to keep you informed about upcoming events, fundraisers, changes in park policies, and park etiquette reminders, as well as dog training and care tips and ideas. The money is used to add park improvements and amenities, such as benches, trees, shelters, and dog toys. We raised money to help develop an entirely new park, K9 Acres, following the devastating flooding in the summer of 2008.

The K9COLA group offers many volunteer opportunities, and works to educate the public through pamphlets, handouts, and public events such as parades, presentations, and information tables at local retail stores and dog-related events.

Interested volunteers serve on the Board of Directors and on various committees, vote on changes in park policy, give their input on park improvements, and volunteer for events, trash pick-up, information tables, and refilling bag holders at the parks, and for scheduled work days. Everyone interested in local off-leash areas can attend the monthly K9COLA meeting to share their ideas.

Official and legal documents:

Click this link for information from K9COLA's Park Archives.